The Little Shadowhunters Things

irreplaceablemess asked: Wait wait wait, whos simons crazy jail friend??? *freaks out at lack of information*

Umm… Hodge Starkweather (CoG)

golden-etoile asked: I saw your post about wishing Alec and Magnus had a sexy dirty scene, and it's not as hot as others in the book, but Cassandra wrote this specifically for fans of Alec/ Magnus. Not sure if you've seen it yet.!/note.php?note_id=10150181442463220

Yep, I saw it when she published and It was nothing like I expected Alec to be about it and I love it he was so direct and straight to the point.

Also he has a really dorky side too, Alec is my spirit animal forever “He felt incapable of saying anything. Anything interesting or intelligent.

But I guess the one who submit the idea was actually thinking about something in the book :D

By anon

By anon